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Exhibitions January 2010


Linda Raynsford - Metal Sculpture
Paule Dubois Dupuis -Paintings, Oil on Canvas
Diane Richey-Ward - Drawings on Paper

Thursday, January 7, 2010 from 5-8 pm

Saturday, January 9, 2010 from 6-9 pm

January 9 - February 6, 2010

Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 5pm
And by appointment

Friday 12-5pm

(L to R) Linda Raynsford, wire sculpture; Paule Dubois Dupuis, oil on canvas; Diane Richey-Ward, charcoal drawing on paper

Pour Toi Maman
Oil on Canvas
86 x 76 inches
Paule Dubois Dupuis

Paule Dubois Dupuis creates a visual diary influencing the viewer physically. Her paintings reflects her fascination with the fleeting concept of the moment and how traces left by the cycles of life can confer a sense of timelessness and teach us about the human condition.

As an artist, Dubois Dupuis follows the thinking of Da Vinci, preferring the learning experiences derived from direct observation and experience of life; she gains her inspiration from the people and events of daily life. More than traditional abstract formal concerns, she is interested in the emotion contained in each piece, for herself and the viewer.

Untitled Wire Sculpture
Linda Raynsford

My work is referential, every day objects speak to me. I take these familiar shapes, like balls, cones and tires for example, and weave them into abstract vessels of life, and female/male essence. I am fascinated by time and spacethe subtle tension and energy my sculpture produces spatially with objects that are attached to it or near it. My sculptural pieces come out of a symbolic gestation and investigate both newness of life while also suggesting a quality that is fragile with age and decay. I use a combination of new steel and discarded material from the waste stream.

Working for the last 13 years as a fine arts metal artist, Linda Raynsfords abstract and conceptual work is layered with texture and meaning. Her sculpture is represented in numerous private collections from South Africa to New York. Lindas work has been exhibited in California and Nevada galleries and at the Palm Springs Desert Museum and Museum of Art in Santa Cruz. Linda recently joined forces with glass artist, Reddy Lieb to create wall monumentation for the Glen Park Library in San Francisco, CA and Kaiser Permanente in Irvine, CA.

Fowlish Motion
Charcoal on Paper
Diane Richey-Ward

My recent drawings represent the primary stages of a year-long series combining man-made and organic form. I have a continuing interest in line,and how it relates to motion and energy in a work of art. My previous series have included transparent and sculptural elements, in addition to video installations. I attempt to create an environment where the vigor, or force created by the form is retained in the piece. Im also searching for an unexpected trace order in chaos- a flash of a new system of relationships that compel the viewer to continue examining the piece.

This series is developing as a set of blueprints drawn for a mechanically-driven society inhabited by strange hybrid beings. The imagery reflects a 4-year concentration of studio work in the Netherlands. The maritime machinery and architecture in Amsterdam, Arnhem, and Den Haag combined with the study of local birds has proven very inspiring. Exposure to excellent collections of Dutch/Flemish draughtsmen MC Escher, Mondriaan, Breughel, Van Gogh among others, has certainly played a part in the evolution of my recent work.

Im intrigued by the progression of one form as it morphs into another, in addition to the challenge of converging diverse imagery. I plan to further investigate the potential of layering as it relates to the coalescence of form and content.