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Paule Dubois Dupuis

The mind creates, the body permeates. Art is a reinterpretation of the reality we live in and the outpouring of our psyche and soul. Conscience and spirit operate behind reality, and there are moments of transcendence when we catch a glimpse of them. The body is the tool through which we can actualize our ideas, emotions, perspectives and experiences of reality. I paint the way I sense the world in my mind, how I experience reality and remember events in my life and how I recall the events…

Life is always much more than it seems. Conscience and spirit operate behind reality, and there are moments of transcendence when we catch a glimpse of them.

The focus of my work is on women and the spectrum of their evolution and life experiences. My art translates the many facets of women, and my own metamorphosis as a woman and the freeing of my spirit. Exploring the essence of women enables me to portray my own animus and becoming.

My work investigates the nuances of passion through the use of textures often obtained by painting on plaster lying on wood. I like to use these unconventional materials to create abstract compositions that reference both body and nature. Abstraction acknowledges and respects the objet d'art for exactly what it is... a pure carrier of feelings ineffable as they are compelling.

I want to entice people into the sacred space of emotion through a contemplative reading of my paintings and discovery their own reality of the message I intend to convey.


Selected group exhibitions:

Michelle O'Connor Gallery, April 2006
Axis Cafe, Solo, April 2006
Pamela Skinner Gallery, Sacramento, March 2006
Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy, December 2005
California Modern, San Francisco, November 2005, Curated by Rene Fressola
SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, October 2005
Michelle O'Connor Gallery, October 2005
Artspan, Open Studios, San Francisco, October 2005
Ligne Roset, San Francisco, October 2005
Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco, "Visionary Woman Exhibition" March 2005 Curated byPatricia Rodriguez
SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, October 2004
Michelle O'Connor Gallery, October 2004
Artspan, Open Studios, San Francisco October 2004
SF Open Studios Guide Art Walk Exhibition at Embarcadero, Center May 2004
Melt, Art Explosion, San Francisco March 2004
Jessie Street Art Gallery, October, 2003
Artspan, Open Studios, San Francisco October 2003
Ottawa University, Ontario, Canada, 2001
Salon des Artisans, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1990
Exposition d'Art et Metiers, Gatineau, Canada 1989
Salon des Metiers d'Art de l'Outaouais, Hull, Canada 1989
L'Encadre, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 1989
Galerie Montcalm, Hull, Quebec, Canada 1989
Galerie l'Estampe, Hull, Quebec, Canada 1987-1989
Au Magot d'Or, Amos, Quebec, Canada 1986-1987


AMN Corporation, San Jose
Private collections around Canada, USA


American Art Collector, 2005


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ottawa University, Canada 1996-2001
San Francisco Art Institute, 1999-2001
Ottawa School of Art, watercolor, studied under Leonard Gerbrant 1983-1984