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Lynn Criswell

Solo Exhibitions

2008 "Telling", Limn Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007 "Show and Tell", Limn Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2002 "No Peace For The Inner Child', John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
2000 "The Next Lesson," Redding Museum of Art & History, Redding, CA
2000 "2 Lessons," Davis Art Center, Davis, CA
1999 "Personal Iconography," UNI Gallery Of Art, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
1999 "Parables," Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1998 "Double Edged Faces," A.I.R. Gallery, Gallery II, New York, New York
1997 "New Work," Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, California
1995 "Egress-Transgression," Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, California
1993 "Recent Sculpture And Paintings On Panels," Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1989 "Lynn Criswell - New Work," Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1984 Redding Museum, Redding, California
1983 "Glassworks," Smith Andersen Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

Two Person Exhibitions

2005 "Kunst und Kultur bei Kurtz"-"Art and Culture at Kurtz", Wiebelbach, Germany
1994 "Objects and Subjects," Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla, CA
1991 "Black And White In Color," Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1985 Lynn Criswell and Michael Bishop - "New Work," Smith Andersen Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
"Recent Work," Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, Monterey, CA

Public Art Commisions & Residencies

CURRENT Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento, CA.
Site: Sacramento International Airport, Terminal B
2005 Artist-in-Residency at Kurtz GmbH, Wiebelbach, Germany
2002-2003 Art in Public Places Award, State of California, Capitol East End Project, Sacramento, CA
Tamara Thomas, Fine Arts Services Inc., Los Angeles, CA
1998 Chico Arts Commission, awarded public arts commission, downtown municipal building, Chico, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 "Peekapoo",Limn Gallery San Francisco, CA
2000 "Sassy Sexy Sweet Sordid Surreal," Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1996 "California Art Index #17," Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1995 "Eclectic Selection," Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri
1995 "Art & Survival," Vartai Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
1992 "Discovery! Contemporary California Narration's," American Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium
1990 "California Eccentrics," University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois
"New Work," Klabal Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Write On! Letters, Words, And Art," Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa,AR
1986 "Homage To Joseph Beuys," The Embassy Gallery of West Germany, Izmir, Turkey
1985 California "Artists Look At Architecture," TransAmerica Pyramid, San Francisco, California
1985 "Studio Glass: A Contemporary American Survey," Redding Museum, Redding, CA
1984 "3-Dimensions," Fox Fine Arts Center, University of Texas at El Paso, Texas
"San Francisco Art Commission: Celebration Of Form," Ft. Mason, San Francisco, California
"Glassworks," Richard Nelson Gallery, University of California, Davis, CA
1983 "Constructions," Temporary Exhibition and Cultural Program, San Francisco Airport Commission,
1981-1984 San Francisco, CA "American In Glass," Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, traveled throughout the U.S.A. and Europe
Selected Collections

Arter & Hadden, LLP (Law Firm), Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Austin Conkey and Mr. Michael Smith, San Francisco, CA
Ms. Donna Crab, Sacramento, CA
Ms. Leslie Criswell, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
Brent and Barry Davenport/Zorthian, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Guy Downing and Mr. James Snidle, San Francisco, CA
Ms. Janet Edson and Don Margolis, Davis, CA
Ms. Sara Fitzmaurice, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ms. Francesca Freedman, Palo Alto, CA
Mark Friedman and Margie Soloman, Sacramento, CA
Mr. Nas Gebelli, Granite Bay, California
Mr. Gregory Ghent, San Francisco, CA
Ms. Nonie Greene, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Jimmy Hasson, Granite Bay, CA
Tracy and Dave Herson, Sacramento, CA
Ms. D. A. James, San Pedro, CA
Mr. Mrs. Jill and Curtis Kaufman, Sacramento, CA
Ms. Andrea Kincaid and Mr. Brent Thrams, Acanthus (Architectural firm), Sacramento, CA
Carsten Krog, Pres., Teknik, Grindsted, Denmark
Walter Kurtz, GmbH & Co. Kreuzwertheim, Germany
Bernard Kurtz, , GmbH & Co. Kreuzwertheim, Germany
Livingston and Mattesich (Law firm), Sacramento, CA
Mr. Michael Himovitz and Mr. Chuck Miller, Sacramento, CA
Ms. Barbara Leuthold, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Val McMichael, Granite Bay, CA
Elena Prohaska Fine Arts & Rima Vargus-Vetter ARTLINKS New York, NY
Ms. Diane Plumlee, Granite Bay, CA
Melanie & Steve Shiver, Stockton, CA
Marianne & Laci Tazlari, Wertheim, Germany
Ms. Jan Spencer, St. Paul, Minnesota
Dr. and Mrs. Stone, Davis, CA
Ms. Janice Stone Thomas, ASID, Sacramento, CA
Mr. Mrs. Andy and Judy Warburg, Sacramento, CA
Lilo & Gunter Weisbrod, Wertheim, Germany

Catalogs 2009 "Memory Lead", LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005 "Kunst und Kultur bei Kurtz"-"Art and Culture at Kurtz", Wiebelbach, Germany
2002 "No Peace For The Inner Child", John Natsoulas Gallery,Davis, CA
1985 "3-Dimensions," Main Gallery, Fox Fine Arts Center, University of Texas at El Paso, Texas
1981 "American In Glass," Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin

Selected Periodicals

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