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Anne Gregory

As early as 1976, I was making large format watercolors - perhaps because I am 5'10" - Perhaps because of the appeal of the rubbery shapes of a larger pool of pigmented water.

In the 1990's I wanted the characters and narratives of my watercolors to enter the viewer's space (like sculpture) unglazed, in a shaped format, often in relief. A painting as an object.

Looking for women's strengths has been the subject of all my drawings and painting.

The 2005 exhibit has the theme of collecting art (referring to my African art collection) of being surrounded by others' art; and how it changes the collector with its affecting presence.

2011 ZOO

When I go into the studio with charcoal in hand I don't know what is going to happen next. But I know we are all in it (the ZOO) with all the rest of the dear, mysterious, scary creatures on earth. It could be a romantic grotto or NOT. I want rich and elaborate drawings to capture the many possibilities.