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CONGRATULATIONS LYNN CRISWELL on your ART INSTALLATION at the new Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport!

Title: As The Crow Flies, 2011
Dimension: 18'W x 32' long
Media: 3/8" aluminum plate, terrazzo and polyurethane plastic
Commission agency: Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

Terrazzo floor inlaid with water jet-cut 3/8" aluminum plate; each cut-out is of a bird Indigenous to California. The bird silhouettes are posed perching and waiting. They are located in the landside terminal in an area where passengers, family and friends wait before take off.

Bordering two sides of the floor are linear aluminum strips with the common bird names. The canopy over the terrazzo floor is made up of 18 suspended translucent emerald green polyurethane cast birdcages. Each empty cage hangs directly above its partnered bird cutout. This creates an environment you walk through.